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Belorusskaya SDPP

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3,7–5 млн кВт·ч

Annual electric power generation

1,5 МВт

Rated Output Power

268 человек

Number of Personnel

Its installed capacity is 4.75 MW. Annual power generation is 13 million kWh. Annual heat supply is 100 thousand Gcal. The use of local fuels is about 19 thousand tons of equivalent fuel per year. The branch comprises mini-CHPP “Baran”, peat processing department “Osintorf”, peat production department "Usvizh-Buk”.

The number of staff is 339 people.

In November 1930, the Belorusskaya State District Power Plant, the firstborn of the Belarusian power engineering, gave the first industrial current. A 1.5 MW power unit using local fuels was commissioned in 2006. A local fuel boiler-house with efficiency of 30 t/h was commissioned in 2012. 3.25 MW mini-CHPP “Baran” working on local fuels  and peat production department Usvizh-Buk were affiliated in 2017.

211026, Vitebsk region, Orsha district, urban settlement Orekhovsk

Tel: 8 (0216) 23-05-32

Факс: 8 (0216) 23-05-32

E-mail: bst@vitebsk.energo.by

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