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Efficient production of electricity and heat

Reliable, high-quality power supply to consumers

Hydropower development

Professionalism, highly qualified staff

One of the largest regional power systems of Belarus

3 399,8

Installed electric power, MW

50 801

Length of power lines, km

12 980

Number of TP 10-0.4 kV, units


The number of transformer substations 35-330 kV, units

Hydropower development

2017 year

The largest hydroelectric power stations in the republic have earned in the power system.

Development of water potential is one of the most important areasrenewable energy in Belarus.

Power supply of the Vitebsk region

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Карта Витебскэнерго
Branch power
Карта Витебскэнерго Power station
Карта Витебскэнерго 330 kV substation
Карта Витебскэнерго Hydroelectric power station
Карта Витебскэнерго VL-330 kV

Events of the Republic of Belarus