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Unauthorized consumption of electric energy will not go unnoticed.

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Unauthorized consumption of electric energy will not go unnoticed.

Energonadzor conducts systematic work to identify facts of uncontracted and unaccounted consumption of electric energy. The branch staff conducts routine inspections of 0.4-10 kV power lines, and also participates in the examination of the technical condition of electrical installations of households of citizens.

Intervention in the operation of metering devices is an unaccounted consumption, and unauthorized connection to electric networks is unconditional. Both the first and second options are illegal.

Unauthorized connection to overhead power lines by throwing on wires can cause a short circuit, and the "artisanal" way of connecting electrical devices bypassing the meter is often performed with loose contact wires, which leads to overheating and subsequent fire at home. It is especially worth emphasizing that illegal connection to electric networks is deadly. Indeed, existing electrical installations are energized. As a result, the actions of energy theft can lead to electrical injuries, burns, accidents with injuries and even death.

So, when conducting a survey of the households of citizens in the territory of the Obolsky village council of the Shumilinsky district, an overload of wires of the load on the power line was detected for the unaccounted connection of the electrical installation of the residential building.

Enterprising owners will now indemnify in accordance with the law. Violation of the Rules for the use of electric energy, expressed in the unauthorized connection of electric power receivers, or unaccounted for electricity consumption, or damage to accounting meters (electricity meters) or violation of their connection schemes, in accordance with Article 20.10 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus on Administrative Offenses, is an administrative offense and shall be sanctioned by a fine of five times the amount of damage caused. The size of the damage caused is determined by the energy supplying organization on the basis of the act on unauthorized (non-contractual), unaccounted consumption of electric energy (power) and in case of other violations in the operation of the means of calculation of electric energy and power,

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