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Every year, on the eve of May 1, the labor results of the previous year are summarized.

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Every year, on the eve of May 1, the labor results of the previous year are summarized.

At the end of April 2019, a solemn event was held dedicated to bringing workers and initiative youth to the board of honor of the Oktyabrsky district of Vitebsk.

Among the best workers honored the engineer of the Training Center branch of the Vitebskenergo RUE Dmitry Vorokhobko, who this year, together with their colleagues Andrei and Maxim Skorinkin, took first place in the contest of works for young specialists “100 ideas for RUE“ Vitebskenergo ”, the first place in the republican contest “100 ideas for Belarus” and first place in the competition of innovative projects Belarus ICT StartUp Award 2019held as part of the XXVI International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies "TIBO-2019".

We tried to find out the secret of Dmitry’s success.

Dmitry, how long have you been participating in the “100 Ideas for Belarus” competition of young specialists?

-Three years.

And this is the last year when you take part in it?

-Yes, next year I’m no longer passing by the age limit. But there are many more contests in which you can submit your ideas and developments! Same StartUp Awardheld as part of the Tibo forum. In the end, I was the regular winner of the contest "100 Ideas for RUE" Vitebskenergo "throughout the entire existence of this contest. Now you need to give way to younger inventors and innovators.

Give them some advice.

-Participate in contests and fear nothing! Getting involved in such events, you always get experience.

What idea has a high chance of winning?

-Creative and having practical application. You are working on a project, it benefits - take this decision beyond your work - all of a sudden many people are faced with similar problems, the solution of which you have already found? This desire for rationalization activities not only within the enterprise, but also beyond. Develop the topic further, do more - come up with a thing, develop a program - offer it to people, make it available. Share, modify. By the way, I won twice in the contest “100 Ideas for Belarus”. Before that, I applied for three years and did not pass the selection.

What has changed?

-Changed ideas. They must be serious. Prior to this, I submitted small local programs to the competition that existed only as concepts. The idea for the competition should be embodied: if this device - then you must have a functioning prototype, if it is a software product - then it must have completeness. The presentation of the idea, for which there is no product behind the slides, will not be victorious, you must offer a turnkey solution. And I came to this understanding by participating in competitions.

And you need the scale of the idea?

-Need to have an idea. And you need to be in a trend, to offer what society requires. There are many areas that are relevant: robotics, software, healthcare solutions, social services.

Congratulations to Dmitry with a well-deserved appreciation of his work!

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