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Administrative Procedures
Connection to the Electric Power Supply System

    The Vesna-energo branch carries out its economic activities on the principles of internal cost accounting, is not a legal entity, has a current bank account in accordance with the current legislation, has a separate balance sheet, which is an integral part of the balance sheet of RUE "Vitebskenergo".
    Address: 211409 Vitebsk region, Polotsk district, village Chernoruchie - 1.
    Director: Nabebin Evgeniy Sergeevich.
    Chief Accountant: Maslakova Inna Vladimirovna.
    Contact phones: 8 (0214) 43-93-96, 74-35-34, 74-43-75.
    Account No. BY06BАPB30124510900120000000 in the regional directorate for the Vitebsk region of OJSC "Belagroprombank"
    As of January 1, 2021 hectares, the branch's land area is 4664.6 hectares, of which agricultural land is 3203.3 hectares, incl. arable land - 2711.6 hectares. Fertility score of arable land - 22.5, farmland - 21.1.
    As of January 1, 2021, the farm employed 336 people.
    The range of products manufactured by the enterprise is dominated by protected ground vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, green crops), which account for about 55.2% of all cash proceeds.
The production of protected soil products is carried out year-round in energy-saving greenhouses with an area of ​​4 hectares, commissioned in December 2006, as well as in greenhouses with an area of ​​6 hectares, which are operated in the spring-autumn period without using heat.
    In order to increase efficiency, in 2019, on an area of ​​0.5 hectares, additional equipment was carried out with lamps, and on an area of ​​1 hectare, equipment with lamps with sodium lamps for growing cucumbers in photoculture mode was carried out year-round with an illumination of at least 20,000 Lux.
The annual production volume is about 3100 tons of products. In winter greenhouses, cucumbers (medium-fruit "Meva"), tomatoes (medium-fruit "Torero"), green crops (salad "Afficion", "Geyser", dill "Alligator", parsley "Felicia", basil "Philosopher") are grown. Up to 5 new varieties and hybrids of crops are tested annually.
    The branch grows open field vegetables on an area of ​​36 hectares in a traditional assortment for the Vitebsk region: carrots, cabbage, beetroot, potatoes, etc.
    In the grain group, the main crops are winter wheat and spring barley, oats and legumes are also cultivated. The grown grain is sold to the OJSC "Polotsk Combine of Bread Products" on account of the fulfillment of the state order.
    In the livestock industry, the branch specializes in milk production and breeding heifers. The number of cattle as of January 1, 2021 amounted to 2075 heads, including 750 head of cows.
    For the production of livestock products, the branch has the following structural divisions:
    - MTF "Zaskorki" with livestock keeping on a loose basis with milking robots;
    - MTF "Kozyanki" with livestock keeping on a tethered basis with milking in a milk pipe;
    - MTF "Chernoruchie" on a loose basis with milking in the milking parlor.
    The milk produced is sold to JSC Polotsk Dairy Plant, Postavy Dairy Plant.
    Own distribution network consists of 11 retail outlets, including 9 stationary objects and 2 small retail outlets for the spring-autumn period.
    The main third-party buyers are trade enterprises of Polotsk, Novopolotsk and Vitebsk, consumer cooperation enterprises, healthcare and education institutions, and closed institutions.