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Administrative Procedures
Connection to the Electric Power Supply System

The procedure for granting privileges to citizens to pay for electricity

  In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus of June 14, 2007 "On state social benefits, rights and guarantees for certain categories of citizens' right to a discount on the fee for utilities, including those for electric power granted to citizens under the established laws of tariffs within the approved norms of consumption.

The decision of Vitebsk regional executive committee from 28.12.2007g. Number 905 per citizen, entitled to benefits, the following norms are established electrical energy consumption

60 kWh in homes (apartments), equipped with gas stoves;

90 kWh in homes (apartments), equipped with electric plates.

The actual amount of power consumed by a citizen, entitled to the benefits of their payment shall be determined on the basis of the meter readings is proportional to the number of people living with them.

The amount of electricity consumed in excess of the norms of consumption, to be paid without taking into account discounts.

If you stay in the same room two or more people eligible for benefits, rules the size multiplied by the number of beneficiaries.

Benefits to pay for the consumed electricity is provided to citizens registered at the place of residence or place of stay. The exemption may be granted only to one address selectable beneficiary.

For registration benefits to pay for the consumed energy of the citizen provides power company statement, passport or other identity document, and a document confirming the right to benefits.

 If a citizen is entitled to the same social benefits on several grounds provided by law, the privilege is granted, at his choice on one of the grounds.   

If for design benefits to pay for the electricity required to obtain additional information (reference), the power supply company in due time make a request to the government agencies.

During the period when the power supply company requests additional information from government agencies, payment of electricity consumed is produced for residential consumers, excluding discounts, provided by the legislation. Subsequently, when the information comes from public institutions, power supply company sends the domestic subscriber notification of the order of payment for the consumed energy, taking into account discounts and recalculate.

Benefits to pay for electricity services are provided to citizens from the date of their application.

If a citizen by virtue of age, health or other reasons can not personally come to the power company for the design benefits, it can make any family member or trusted person, if you have an identity document and a document confirming the right to the benefit of the citizen . In the absence of a family member or a trusted person can go to the electricity company with a request for registration of the benefits at home.

Categories of citizens entitled to benefits to pay for electricity and thermal energy in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus from 14.06.2007 № 239-Z "On state social benefits, rights and guarantees for certain categories of citizens" and the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 06.01.2009g . Number 9-Z "On social protection of citizens affected by the Chernobyl disaster and other radiation accidents."