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Peat extraction involves two peat production departments: a Peat Department "Osintorf" located in Dubrovno district and a Peat Department "Usvizh-Buk" located in Tolochin district, Vitebsk region. They are structural units of "Belorusskaya SDPP", a branch of RUE "Vitebskenergo". 

The total number of personnel of the tofo shops is 103 people, including 41 people at the Osintorf Central Processing Plant, 376 hectares of areas are in operation at the Osinovskoye and Shcherbinsky Mokh tofom deposits. The staff of the peat plant "Usvizh-Buk" - 62 people, in operation is 338 hectares of areas at the peat deposit "Usvizh-Buk".

Main aims and objectives of the Peat Departments "Osintorf", "Usvizh-Buk": 
- providing RUE "Vitebskenergo's" power sources and Housing and Utility Sector's boiler houses with fuel milling peat for powdered combustion;
- extraction and sales of cut peat (block peat); 
- supply of compost peat for agricultural purposes;

This year it is planned to extract milling fuel peat in the amount of 70 000 tons, in the future - up to 75 000 tons.

The main consumers of milled fuel peat:
- local fuel power source "Belorusskaya GRES" affiliated to "Belorusskaya SDPP"  in Orekhovsk, Orsha district; 
- local fuel mini-CHPP "Baran" in Baran, Orsha district, affiliated to "Belorusskaya SDPP"; 
- boiler houses of Kokhanovo unitary enterprise of housing and utility sector "Kokhanovo-ZKH" in Kokhanovo and Tolochin; 
- boiler houses of unitary enterprise of housing and utility sector "Dubrovno-Kommunalnik" in Dubrovno; 
- other customers.
RUE "Vitebskenergo" has created a single completed production cycle with minimal costs at each stage:
- development of peat deposits;
- extraction of peat fuel;
- delivery of peat fuel to own energy sources and boiler houses of housing and communal services;
- production of heat and electricity on own energy sources at MW;
- transportation of heat and electricity to the end consumer.

 Map of the peat departments of RUE "Vitebskenergo"

Contact Information:

RUE "Vitebskenergo" 
210029, Vitebsk, 30 Pravdy str. 
fax: +375 212 36-06-33; 36-06-34 
e-mail: energo@vitebsk.energo.by 

Deputy General Director for General Affairs - Shershan Igor Petrovich 
Tel. +375 212 49 23 54; 
e-mail: ship@vitebsk.energo.by

Leading Engineer of the Fuel and Transportation Department - Ruslan S. Markushevski
Tel .: +375 212 49-24-86; fax: 49-25-49 
e-mail: mrs@vitebsk.energo.by