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Vitebsk Hydro Power Plant

Витебская гэс

138 million kWh

Annual electric power generation

40 MW

Plant Capacity

822 hectares

Reservoir Area

4.1 million m³

Reservoir Capacity

It was put into operation on July 31, 2017.

Vitebsk Hydro Power Plant was built by the Chinese contractor “China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd” (CNEEC). Plant capacity is 40 MW (4 hydrogenerators of 10 MW each).

Within the facility construction, there were erected buildings and structures of a hydroelectric complex, a spillway dam, an earth dam, a 110 kV switch-yard and a ship-lock. There was created a reservoir of 822 hectares with a storage capacity of 4.1 million m³ with rated affluent level of 139.0 m.

Annual electric power generation is about 138 million kWh.

Administrative Procedures
Connection to the Electric Power Supply System