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Polotsk Hydro Power Plant

Витебская гэс

112 million kWh

Annual electric power generation

21.66 mW

Plant Capacity

1710 hectares

Reservoir Area

12.1 kilometers

110 kV Power Lines

It was put into operation on June 30, 2017.

Polotsk Hydro Power Plant with a capacity of 21.66 MW comprising 5 hydrogenerators was erected by a turn-key contractor OAO VO Technopromexport (Russian Federation).

The major hydropower equipment was manufactured and supplied by Mavel, a.s. (Czech Republic). 12.1 km of 110 kV power lines and 6 km of 10 kV power lines were built, renovation of the SS-110 / 10Kv Meat Processing Plant was completed. A reservoir of 1,710 hectares with 83 km total distance alongside the Zapadnaya Dvina river was created, 4 new bridges were built and 5 old bridges were renovated, bank revetment within 13 areas with distance of more than 9,500 meters was performed.

Annual electric power generation is 112 million kWh.

Administrative Procedures
Connection to the Electric Power Supply System