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Polotsk Electric Networks

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The branch includes 8 district electric networks, 60 substations of 35kV and more, 1,493 km of overhead lines of 35kV and more, 6546 km of 6-10kV overhead lines , 5504 km of 0.4kV overhead lines, 3249 transformer substations  of 10/0.4kV. There are 5 hydro power plants subject to Polotsk Electric Networks: Polotsk HPP ( 21.66 MW capacity, commissioned in June 2017), Klyastitsy HPP, Lepel HPP, Lukoml HPP and Gomel HPP.

The installed capacity of all hydro power plants embraced by the branch is 23.05 MW. Such large enterprises as OAO "Naftan", OAO "Polimir", OAO "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" are consumers of Polotsk Electric Networks. The total consumption of the Polotsk generating system is about 300 MW, which is about 50% of the electricity consumption of the Vitebsk power grid.


211412, Vitebsk region, Polotsk, 7 Stroitelnaya str.

Tel: 8 (0214) 77-16-08

E-mail: pes@pes.vitebsk.energo.by

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