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Lukomlskaya SDPP

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7,5 – 12 млрд кВт·ч

Annual electric power generation

2 889,5 МВт

Rated Output Power

1 580 человек

Number of Personnel

Lukomlskaya SDPP is the flagship of the Belarusian power industry and the most powerful power plant in the country. It is located in Novolukoml. The installed electric capacity is 2,889.5 MW. Annual electricity output ranges from 7.5 to 12 billion kWh. In 2021, the electricity output was 9.8 billion kWh of electricity. Specific fuel consumption for electricity output in 2021 was 298.6 g/kWh. Specific fuel consumption for heat supply in 2021 was 171.64 kg/Gcal. The number of personnel is 1,580 people.
Construction of Lukomlskaya SDPP started in 1964. On December 22nd, 1969 the first 300 MW unit was put into operation. In 1992 the plant switched to natural gas combustion. Over the decade from 2003 to 2013, Lukomlskaya GRES undertook a phased modernization of the main and auxiliary power equipment, aimed at increasing its reliability, efficiency, service life and improving operational performance. In May 2014, the CCGT-427 MW was commissioned. The power plant has generated 600.886 billion kWh of electricity since the start of operation.

211162, Vitebsk region, Chashniki district, Novolukoml

Tel: 8(02133) 3 83 59

Факс: 8(02133) 3 45 41, 3 45 39

E-mail: lgres@vitebsk.by

Administrative Procedures
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