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The issues of labor protection in RUE "Vitebskenergo" are given special attention

    Labor protection is an integral part of the activities of any enterprise. Work at energy facilities requires special attention and control, because these are objects of increased danger. It is important to ensure safe working conditions for personnel, to minimize the risks of industrial injuries, as well as occupational diseases. Every employee must be aware of workplace safety measures and follow safety rules. In order to implement this task in full, each branch of RUE “Vitebskenergo” has services that deal with issues in the field of labor protection.
    Particular attention is paid to personnel engaged in work with harmful and (or) hazardous working conditions. To determine this category of workers, the employer organizes certification of workplaces for working conditions. An assessment is made of the factors of the working environment, the severity and intensity of the labor process, which affect the performance and health of the employee in the labor process. On the basis of a whole range of measures, a class of working conditions is established.
    So, in mid-April, at the Vostochnaya mini-CHPP of the Vitebsk Heating Networks branch, the labor protection service with the involvement of specialized organizations carried out work to measure and study the chemical and physical factors of the production environment for certification of workplaces.

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