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Yesterday, an accident occurred in the village of Gulevichi, Kopylsky district, Minsk region

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Yesterday, an accident occurred in the village of Gulevichi, Kopylsky district, Minsk region. The young man died from electric shock during an unauthorized ascent to the support of the VL-10 kV.

Two residents of the agricultural town of Timkovichi (born in 1996 and born in 1997) arrived in the evening in a private car in the village of Gulevichi. They left the car and mobile phones at a distance of about 500 m from the overhead power line and, going to the 10 kV (10,000 volts) overhead line support, one of the young men climbed the wires to the strut where they were struck by electric current.

The second participant in the incident called an ambulance crew. The paramedics who arrived at the scene noted the death of the victim. Investigation authorities establish the circumstances of this incident and the reasons that prompted young people to approach the energy facility.

RUE “Vitebskenergo” recalls that neglect of safety rules leads to accidents.

It is impossible:
- to come close to transformer substations, the equipment in them is under a voltage of 10 thousand volts and above;
- throw wire and other objects on wires, break insulators, open staircase electrical panels and input panels located in the entrances of houses;
- touch any sagging or dangling wires, approach closer than 8-10 meters to the dangling wires of overhead power lines lying on the ground;
- climb on the supports of power lines;
- open the covers on the lighting poles;
- break the armature and break the wires of the “descents” on the supports of high-voltage lines;
- make bonfires under the wires of power lines;
- launch "kites" near overhead power lines;
- touch the reinforced concrete supports of the power line, they may be under step voltage.

Electric shock suddenly! The threat makes itself felt only after a person has been exposed to electric current. Depending on the magnitude of the current, the time of its impact, as well as on a number of other reasons, the electric current passing through the human body can cause burns, fainting, convulsions, respiratory arrest and even death.

If conditions are found that could result in electric shock, immediately inform your service provider.


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