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In Vitebsk, work is underway to reconstruct a section of the heating network along Gorbachevsky Street

    The priority tasks facing the branch "Vitebsk Heating Networks" are uninterrupted supply of heat to consumers, reducing heat losses and increasing the reliability of the equipment of heat sources and heating networks.
    To accomplish these tasks, the branch has developed a plan for the implementation of heating network facilities, which provides for the introduction of innovative technologies associated with the transition to the use of PI pipes. The use of pre-insulated pipes makes it possible not only to significantly reduce heat loss, but also to increase the reliability of heating networks, increase their service life up to 20-25 years, and also significantly reduce operating costs.
    Currently, construction and installation work is underway in Vitebsk to reconstruct a section of the heating network along Gorbachevsky and Budyonny streets (the second stage of construction). The general contractor of the facility is the Vitebskenergospetsremont branch of the Vitebskenergo RUE, which performs the main complex of works. The total length of the reconstructed section of heating networks is 796.6 meters. All work on the reconstruction of this section is planned to be completed in July this year.

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