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Field work is being actively carried out in the branch "Teplichny"

    As soon as the weather conditions favorable for the Vitebsk region came, the employees of the Teplichny branch located in the Orsha region immediately started working in the fields. To date, more than 50 percent of the area allotted for sowing spring grains and legumes has been sown.
    The total sown area of ​​all crops grown by the branch this year will be over 1600 hectares, of which 85 hectares are allocated for sowing vegetables. At present, the sowing campaign is being actively carried out, the application of mineral and organic fertilizers, the feeding of winter crops, and the preparation of the soil for sowing spring crops.
    In addition, the farmers have already planted cabbage, peppers, and onions on feathers. After all, the main goal of agricultural workers is to provide the population of the region with fresh vegetables and herbs, to make their significant contribution to the food security of the country.

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