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Professional skills competitions were held in the branch "Vitebsk Electric Networks"

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    In the branch "Vitebsk Electric Networks" at the training ground of the Rubovskiy District of Electric Grids, a professional skill competition was held among the teams for the repair and maintenance of 0.4-10 kV distribution networks.
    The event was held with the aim of assessing the professional level of skill of the personnel of the electrical grid areas, disseminating best practices in performing work during the repair of the distribution network.
    Participants of the competition were tested at 6 stages, which included a theoretical test of knowledge, the practical release of the victim (dummy) from the action of electric current on the reinforced concrete support of the 10 kV overhead line and providing him with first aid, connecting a three-phase branch to the entrance to a residential building, maintenance of the disconnector for a 10 kV support using a lifting mechanism, replacement of a defective 10 kV bushing at a KTP and fire extinguishing.
    The team of master V.I. Tyagunov became the winners of the competition. Gorodoksky Distribution Zone, the 2nd result was shown by the team of Beshenkovichsky Distribution Zone, the brigade of Rubovsky Distribution Zone closed the top three.

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