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The most energetic power engineers of RUE “Vitebskenergo” took part in the winter regional sports day.

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The most energetic power engineers of RUE “Vitebskenergo” took part in the winter regional sports day.

On January 25-26, employees of the Vitebsk energy system took part in the winter regional sports contest, which was held at the Energetik recreation camp. The competition was opened by the General Director of RUE “Vitebskenergo” Mikhail Luzin, who wished the teams a fair fight, good luck and a successful performance. Sports excitement and positive emotions created a positive atmosphere and provided a wonderful mood to all those present. Representatives of 18 teams from various branches of RUE “Vitebskenergo” competed in 4 sports: checkers, chess, all-around “Health” and winter sport fishing.

The best in the individual event in the winter all-around "Health" for men were: Pavel Vasyukovich - Lukoml State District Power Plant (1st place), Maxim Denisenok - Polotsk Thermal Power Station (2nd place) and Alexander Konovalchenko - Vitebsk Heating Networks (3rd place) . For women: Natalya Falkovskaya - Lukomlskaya TPP (1st place), Natalya Trofimenko - Polotskaya TPP (2nd place) and Larisa Ivanchenko - Orsha electric networks (3rd place). Participants competed in cross-country skiing, strength gymnastics and shooting. According to the results of passing these disciplines, the winners were determined.

In the individual chess championship, victory was celebrated by Sergey Kurnosov - Polotsk Electric Networks (1st place), Sergey Leshtenok - Novopolotsk Thermal Power Station (2nd place) and Victor Ignatiev - Polotsk Thermal Power Station (3rd place). For women, the prize three included: Anastasia Kravchenya - Training Center (1st place), Tatyana Bochanova - Novopolotskaya TPP (2nd place) and Lyubov Zaitseva - Energosbyt (3rd place).

In the individual competition in drafts, the leading positions were taken by Oleg Apetenok - Gluboksky Electric Networks (1st place), Alexander Lyalkov - Energosbyt (2nd place) and Dmitry Guchkov - Novopolotskaya TPP (3rd place). Among the fair sex, the best result was shown by Tatyana Avtukhova - control apparatus (1st place), Maria Shcherbakova - Energosbyt (2nd place) and Tatyana Rubashko - Glubokoe electric networks (3rd place).

As always, winter fishing was of particular interest. The best fishermen of the tournament were A. Korotkevich - Orsha electric networks (1st place), S. Medvedev - Vitebsk electric networks (2nd place) and A. Dervoed - Orsha electric networks (3rd place).

In the team standings following the results of all competitions, the leading position was taken by Lukoml State District Power Station, the second place was taken by the team of the Novopolotsk Thermal Power Station. Representatives of the Energosbyt branch closed the prize three.

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