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The repair campaign was launched in the Orsha Electric Networks

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The repair campaign was launched in the Orsha Electric Networks

branch . In the Orsha Electric Networks branch, work is underway to implement the measures provided for by the repair program. This year, over 90 km of high-voltage power lines of 35-110 kV, 410 km of VL-0.4-10kV will be overhauled in the Orsha district, over 400 transformer substations will be affected by overhaul and current repairs. In addition, the region’s power engineers plan to replace more than 500 towers.

Particular attention in the implementation of the repair campaign will traditionally be given to clearing clearings from trees and shrubs. In 2019, it is planned to clear about 350 hectares. This type of work is very important and responsible. After all, falling trees on wires is a common cause of technological disruptions in the operation of electrical equipment, especially during periods of adverse weather conditions.

The result of high-quality and timely implementation of the planned activities of the repair programs is to increase the reliability of power supply to consumers, safety, reduce the number of emergency outages in the operation of power lines.

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