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Rationalization activities at the Lukoml state district power station.

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Rationalization activities at the Lukoml state district power station.

From the first years of operation, the Lukoml State District Power Plant is famous for its innovators. The organization of rationalization work at the station began Denisova V.A., continued Romm V.L., Zubkova G.K., Tarasevich S.I., Smolyanko Yu.N., Koroleva N.F. develops Lavrov D.O.

Many power engineers for active rationalization activities were awarded with the marks “Excellence in Invention and Rationalization”, “Inventor of the USSR”, etc.

Over 50 years of operation of the station, 12885 were filed and 10300 rationalization proposals were introduced, as well as 8 inventions. Among the former employees of LGRES, active inventors and rationalizers are Kuskov I.A., Molotkov N.V., Tikhonov A.A., Lyashevich N.A., Suslov V.V., Penkrat V.G., Makarevich P.V. , Burakov M.Ya., Sobol G.G., Ruttel V.V., Azarenok V.P., Gurin D.I., Kolos V.T., Kozlovskaya G.I. and many others.

Every year, the Lukoml State District Power Plant branch becomes the winner of the competition of rationalization proposals for the Day of the inventor and rationalizer among power plants and heating networks of the RUE “Vitebskenergo”, and the formulation of rationalization work is recognized as the best according to the results of the review competition for the year. Repeatedly, the proposals submitted by the employees of the branch became the winners of the competition in the nomination “Best rationalization proposal”. The most active are the rationalizers of the centralized repair shop, the production and technical department, the electric shop, the boiler turbine shop, the equipment setup and testing workshop, the thermal automation and measurement workshop.

In 2018, the rationalizers of the Lukoml State District Power Plant submitted 89, and introduced 80 rationalization proposals. Thanks to their use, 1215.9 tons of standard fuel, 13769.4 kWh of electricity, 13.831 Gcal of thermal energy were saved.

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