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Professional in his field.

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Professional in his field.

Experienced professionals of working professions are the basis of the present and future of any enterprise. The reliability of various production processes today depends on their skillful hands, and the invaluable baggage of knowledge and skills accumulated over the years of work and transferred to young people will allow us to prepare a worthy shift tomorrow.

Alexander Svilo, a fitter of the 6th category, has been working at the Polotsk TPP branch of RUE Vitebskenergo for more than two decades. Alexander Ivanovich came to energy in 1983. He graduated from a vocational school in Vidzy, where he received the specialties of a tractor driver, driver and locksmith, then he served in the army on the construction of the Baikal-Amur Railway, then he got a job as a fitter at the Kaunasenergoremont organization. And since then I have not changed the profession. After a while, he transferred to work at the Novopolotsk TPP, and then continued his career at the Polotsk TPP.

-Why did you choose plumbing in due time? Because it was interesting, - Alexander Svilo explains. - And when I already learned something, I want not to lose this experience, to improve. That's what he did all his life. And he never regretted that fate brought energy together. People need work, responsible. Especially during the heating period, when we provide heat supply to Polotsk. Our task is to prevent any malfunctions in the operation of the equipment.

Good faith, responsibility and diligence are precisely for these qualities that Alexander Ivanovich is valued in the labor collective of the station. At home, in his family he also has complete order. Alexander Svilo can be an example for many - both in relation to his business, and in general in life.

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