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Choosing the right profession is important for young people

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In mid-December, with a tour of the Novopolotsk Thermal Power Plant, senior pupils of the physics and mathematics class of the Lyceum of Novopolotsk visited. Similar events for children at the station are held annually. During the excursion, the guys see with their own eyes how the power plant works, energy specialists in an accessible form explain to them how heat and electricity appear.

The choice of a profession is one of the most important and urgent tasks for graduate students. Not only their personal well-being, but also the productivity of life in society depends on what profession a young man or girl chooses. The initiator of the tour at the CHPP was the chairman of the Novopolotsk City Council of Deputies Oleg Buevich. Supported the proposal and energy. The deputy director of the station, Vadim Kulaga, and the head of the production and technical department, Alexander Khodanyonok, took an active part in organizing the meeting with students.

The children were instructed, shown all the personal protective equipment that they use at the CHPP, told in which cases these tools can save the employee not only health but also life, how to behave in case of fire. Schoolchildren asked questions, examined with interest the uniform of operational personnel that ensures safety. Then the guys visited the turbine room turbine room and the boiler room of the main building of the Novopolotsk TPP.

“Energy requires great knowledge in the field of exact sciences, primarily physics. Our station gives heat and light to the city of Novopolotsk itself and its powerful industrial hub. And therefore, students of the Novopolotsk Lyceum with in-depth training in physics, mathematics, we are entitled to call our target audience. Energy is interesting and promising, and we are glad to have the opportunity to acquaint students interested in exact disciplines with our profession, ”said Vadim Kulaga, Deputy Director for Human Resources, Social and Ideological Issues.

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