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"New Year's Lukomorye" Lukoml state district power station.

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"New Year's Lukomorye" Lukoml state district power station.

During the winter school holidays at the Yunost recreation camp of the Lukoml State District Power Station, the New Year's Lukomorye welcomed guests. For two weeks, an entertainment program in a tent near Santa Claus was visited by almost 500 children and adults.

The weather this winter contributed to the creation of a truly fabulous atmosphere in the winter forest, the illumination and festive decoration of the territory and buildings of the recreation camp complemented the New Year's decoration, childishly delighting all visitors.

Already at the gates of the Lukomorye, a theatrical performance began with music, games and competitions in which both children and adults took part. To get into the tent of Santa Claus, everyone had to go through funny trials and meet fairy-tale characters: Zimushka-Winter, Santa Claus, Baba Yaga with Leshiy and, of course, Snegurochka.

In the entertainment program, the Christmas tree had games and traditional round dances, poems and children’s songs. I also liked the treat from Santa Claus with pie, tea and sweets. And also children and adults with pleasure participated in winter fun in the fresh air, took pictures and bought souvenirs.

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