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New power lines - new opportunities

    The personnel of the Vitebsk city district of the electric networks of the branch "Vitebsk Electric Networks" completed the reconstruction of the 0.4 kV overhead line from TP 342 along Michurina and Koltsova streets in the city of Vitebsk.
    The power transmission line was built and put into operation immediately after the end of the Great Patriotic War, back in 1945. The power line, which was 1.1 km long, was built on wooden poles. During the reconstruction of the power engineering, the overhead lines were disaggregated, all the supports, the bare wire were replaced with a self-supporting insulated one, which is characterized by a high degree of reliability of power supply to consumers. Street lighting here is now organized with the use of modern LED lamps, electricity metering devices have been removed outside the residential premises - on the overhead line supports, an automated power control and accounting system (ASKUE) has been introduced.

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