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The unusual hobby of the electrician Dokshitsky RES.

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The unusual hobby of the electrician Dokshitsky RES.

Anatoly Kolyada, 4th category electrician of the Dokshitsa district of electric networks, has been working at RUE “Vitebskenergo” since 1992. Colleagues speak of him as a responsible person who knows his job well.

Anatoly Mikhailovich loves his profession, but he has in his life, in addition to energy, another very interesting hobby. Anatoly Kolyada devotes his free time to his hobby. And he has it rather unusual: collecting and restoration of rare household items (watches, radios, irons, etc.).

Interest in collecting arose back in 1975. Then Anatoly Mikhailovich restored his first exhibit - the Mayak wall clock with a fight. Since then, the collection has expanded, replenished with more and more exhibits. Now there are more than 60 watches in it alone. And all the antiques - over 1000!

One of the favorite exhibits is a small beach gramophone - a faithful companion of family outdoor recreation (pictured in the hands of a collector).

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