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Let there be light!

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Let there be light!

Fulfillment of the social standard for illuminating the streets of rural settlements is not only a very responsible and difficult part of the work of power engineers, but one of the important measures under the state program of the Republic of Belarus, which is aimed at socializing remote settlements and villages, ensuring a decent, comfortable and high-quality standard of living .

The personnel of the electric network districts of the Vitebsk Electric Networks branch serves 12,456 fixtures in 1,400 settlements. The length of street lighting networks is about 3,500 km.

Despite the apparent simplicity of the work on replacing a light bulb or lamp, the staff must perform a number of organizational and technical measures for the safe execution of work. And this is also a rather time-consuming process, which is aimed at carrying out work with strict and strict observance of all labor protection and safety measures.

In 2018 alone, as part of the implementation of the specified social standard, 293 outdoor street lighting fixtures in the networks on the balance of the branch were replaced.

In addition to repairing luminaires on overhead power lines, ongoing work is underway to maintain street lighting control equipment, set up automation and take readings from electric energy meters.

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