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Automation of electrical networks of Liozno district.

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Automation of electrical networks of Liozno district.

The Vitebsk Electric Networks branch of RUE Vitebskenergo is actively working on the implementation of a major project to modernize 10kV overhead lines of the Liozno Electric Distribution Zone with the installation of reclosers.

Specialists carry out the necessary reconstruction of the existing telemechanics, communication channels and computer networks, as well as the control center of the district electric networks. The project provides for the creation of a system for determining fault locations on sections of a 10kV distribution network and the reconstruction of equipment for transformer substations 10 / 0.4 kV and relay protection and automation devices. The first phase of construction, which provides for the installation of 26 reclosers and 16 vacuum circuit breakers, has now been completed. Work on the implementation of the 2nd phase of construction is scheduled for 2019.

The goal of introducing an automated control system for the distribution network of 10 kilovolts was to ensure uninterrupted power supply to rural settlements of Liozno district. The essence of the innovation is that the switching devices installed on the pylons of high-voltage power lines - vacuum circuit breakers or reclosers - allow the dispatcher to independently determine the location of the damage and automatically supply critical consumers from serviceable sections of the network. Since only a certain section is out of order, the number of consumers who can simultaneously “suffer” damage is reduced. The duration of power outages is also reduced.

Previously, repair crews traveled tens of kilometers to detect damage, while residents of the area were left without electricity. Finding damage and fixing it to power engineers will now be much easier.

Using automation based on reclosers will increase the reliability of power supply to consumers of distribution networks, as well as reduce operating costs in the future.

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