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Connection to the Electric Power Supply System

For the past 35 years "Vitebsk electric networks", a branch of RUE "Vitebskenergo" has been engaged in repair of different types of electrical equipment and has been equipped with the most efficient technological machines, that provide actual repair of electrical equipment.


Works and services of the Overvoltage Protection Department

Overvoltage Protection Department is accredited in compliance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC 17025-2019. Registration number: BY / 11202.2.0.0932 dd. April 3, 1998. 

The department is equipped with fixed and mobile high-voltage laboratories,that enable to provide the following type of works and services on a contractual basis:

Name of a facility or a type of tests (measurements) Characteristics of a facility or a type of tests (measurements)
1. Power units, secondary circuits and electric circuit wiring below 1000v 1.1 Measuring of insulation resistance
1.2 Measuring of the current of a single-phase close-in of zero-phase circuit
2. Power units and equipment over 1000 V 2.1 Insulation resistance test
2.2 Overvoltage test 
2.3 DC resistance measurement
2.4 Measuring the transformation ratio of power transformers
2.5 Measurement of no-load 
2.6 Determination of the group of connection of transformer windings
3. Cable lines below 1000 V 3.1 Insulation resistance test
3.2 Fault location
4. Cable lines above 1000 V 4.1 Insulation resistance test 
4.2 Fault location 
4.3 Overvoltage test 
5. Earthing arrangements 5.1 Insulation resistance test 
5.2. Measuring of the transient resistance between an earth switch and earthed equipment 
5.3 Soil resistivity test

6. Electrically insulating gloves and boots 

6.1. Overvoltage test
7. Voltage meters below 1000 V 7.1. Overvoltage test of casing insulation and connecting wires  
7.2.  Ignition voltage determination
7.3. Circuit performance check
8. Voltage meters above 1000 V 8.1. Overvoltage test of flow and insulating parts 
8.2. Ignition voltage determination
9. Voltage meters for phasing control, fault tracer 9.1 Overvoltage test of flow and insulating parts and connecting wires 
9.2. Ignition voltage determination
10. Electrically insulating rods, electrically insulating and tong-test instruments 10.1. Insulation overvoltage test 
11. Fitting and assembly tool with insulated handles 11.1. Insulation overvoltage test 
12. Fiberglass insulated ladders and step-ladders 12.1 Insulation overvoltage test 
13. Power tools including auxiliary equipment (transformers, frequency converters, extension cables) 13.1 Insulation resistance test 
13.2 Insulation overvoltage test 
14. Transformer oil 14.1 Breakdown voltage determination 

According to the test and measurement results, the customer receives a certificate.


Head of Overvolrtage Protection dept. Sergey N. Kovalenko ; tel.: 8-0212-65-40-73 
Deputy Head of Overvolrtage Protection dept. Vyacheslav V. Yakovlev

Works and services of the centralized equipment repair shop

We offer to perform the following works on electrical machinery:

  • Diagnostics and repair of transformers 10 kV :
    • the change of the winding below  250 kVA ;
    • without changing the windings below 1000 kVA.
  • Transformer oil refilling.
  • Absorbent refreshing.
  • Repair of 6  - 10 kV NTMI transformers  excluding winding rewinding:
    •  6  - 10 kV OMP  including winding rewinding ;
    • 35 kV ZNOM including winding rewinding.
  • Repair of dry-type transformers of various assignments.
  • Repair of ground-fault neutralizers.
  • Repair of welding transformers.
  • Repair of electric motors of 0.12 kW to 10 kW.
  • Restoration and repair of high-voltage bushings of 35  - 110 kV.
  • Repair of 15  - 110 kV arresters.
  • Repair of 110  - 330 kV voltage transformers.
  • Repair of 35  - 110 kV current transformers.
  • Diagnostics and repair of 35  - 110 kV substation transformers.
  • Repair and adjustment of the switching devices of transformers operating under load.

The process of repairing of electrical equipment, restoration of insulating properties is carried out using electric vacuum drying furnaces, which automatically create the conditions to restore their required level. In addition, the degasation unit removes gases and water vapor dissolved in the transformer oil, which significantly increases the insulating properties of the latter.

The diagnostics center of electrical equipment is equipped with an accredited high-voltage laboratory, which has the ability to determine the condition of the equipment upon receiving it under repair and its compliance with the required factory technical specifications after repair.

All repaired equipment meets full laboratory quality control standards with a certificate issuance, which at the same time is an official compliance document and a guarantee policy of a customer in case of any deviations.

Throughout the list of services rendered in the centralized equipment repair shop of Vitebsk Electric Networks, there are necessary special equipment and trained personnel to provide the above services.

Cost of work and services

Cost of work and services is calculated after the work was performed.


Head of the repair shop Vasili  A. Ilyin tel: 36-16-82;

Deputy Head Alexander G. Belyaev  tel: 36-16-83;

E-mail:  ves_ccro@vitebsk.energo.by