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Administrative Procedures
Connection to the Electric Power Supply System

Training Center provides training for specialists and workers in electrical and heat engineering fields and related professions, training in areas of work at facilities controlled by the State Industrial Inspectorate and the State Labor Inspectorate.

More 360 training and educational programs have been developed and approved within the branch. This programs help to carry out professional development of specialists, as well as training, retraining and advanced training of workers.

The educational process is carried out comprehensively, combining traditional and modular block training, use of multimedia tools, practical exercises on simulators and a 110/35/10 kV network training ground.

Since the establishment of the center, more than 115 thousand workers and specialists of the Belarusian power system and other enterprises of the Republic have been educated there.

The center is equipped with an excellent material and technical base, modern classrooms in Vitebsk, Novolukoml and Novopolotsk. Attracting highly qualified specialists with rich industrial experience to training allows to ensure the educational process at a high professional level.

↓ Professional training (retraining), professional advancement

  • Field service electrician
  • Distribution main operation electrician
  • Cable repair and installation electrician
  • Overhead lines repair electrician
  • Relay protection and automatic equipment repair electrician
  • Supervisory equipment and teleautomatics electrician
  • Test and measurement electrician
  • Electrical equipment maintenance electrician
  • 35-110 kV substation maintenance electrician 
  • Electrical meters operating electrician
  • Line routes sketching electrician
  • Switchgear equipment repairman
  • Measuring and automatic equipment maintenance repairman
  • Electrical equipment repairman
  • Boiler houses and pulverization workshop equipment repairman
  • Steam and gas turbine equipment repairman
  • Chief operator and power unit operator
  • Boiler control room operator
  • Steam turbine control room operator
  • Boiler and turbine equipment auxiliary operator
  • Boiler operator
  • Route repairman
  • Gas cutter
  • Gas equipment maintenance and repair tecnhician
  • Power plant chemical water operator
  • Chemical analysis assistant
  • Lifting crane maintenance and repair electrician
  • Lifting crane maintenance and repair technician
  • Slingsman
  • Floor-mounted crane operator
  • Heat networks equipment maintenance/repair technician
  • Heat point maintenance technician
  • Battery technician
  • Insulation worker
  • Pump unit operator
  • Pourer
  • Car service technician
  • Roofer
  • Carpenter, woodworking machine operator 
  • Painter

↓ Professional advancement

  • Power engineers (by areas of activite)
  • Persons responsible for maintening mobile lifting work platforms in operating condition, responsible for safe operation and supervision of mobile lifting work platforms
  • Persons responsible for electrical and heat facilities

Professional advancement in the industrial fields subject to the State Industrial Inspectorate.

  • Working condition and safe operation of the equipment operating under overpressure (regarding pressure vessels)
  • Keeping lifting machines in operating condition 
  • Safe crane operation
  • Safe operation of the facilities of the gas-distribution system and gas consumption
  • Safe operation of the units using natural and condensed gases for flame teratment of metals

Training courses

  • Safe operation of machines for grass mowing and suckering
  • Preparing of the enterprise for the autumn-winter period
  • Industrial operation of automated meter reading and control systems 
  • Energy saving and increasing the efficiency of the use of fuel and energy resources
  • Electrical safety. Electrical injury prevention
  • First aid for persons appeared in life-threatening conditions and traumatic injuries (with the development of recovery skills using simulator)
  • The requirements of the occupational safety and health rules when working at height
  • Safe load handling
  • Safe work with electrified hand tools
  • Safe operation of gas fuel vehicles
  • Safe operation and maintenance of units for the flame treatment of metals, glass and other materials using natural and liquefied hydrocarbon gases
  • Safe operation and maintenance of equipment operating under overpressure (regarding pressure vessels)
  • Safe work on mobile lifting work platform
  • Psychological orientation training courses (by subject)

Training is carried out when a group is manned.
When manning a group within one enterprise, training is possible according to a specially developed program taking into account the needs of the enterprise.

Training schedule for specialists in 2021
Training schedule for workers in 2021 

Licence to educational and training activity № 02100/546 dated 1 March 2013 
State Accreditation Certificate № 0000023 dated 27 June 2018 

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