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Connection to the Electric Power Supply System

Rural base Polotsk electrical networks is on the shore of beautiful lake in the village of Gomel Gomel 20 km from the town of Polotsk. In the village there are shops, House of Culture. For stays of tourists in the period from May 1 to September 30, two-bedroom summer house and provided two-bedroom house. Throughout the year, you can use the services of baths, saunas, gazebos and a banquet hall for 20 seats with a kitchen.


Gomel Lake - a popular place for recreation and fishing. Everyone can enjoy the spectacular expanse of water surface, unique surrounding landscape, and if lucky, and enjoy the catch. There is an opportunity to visit cultural and historical sites of Polotsk district, located near the base. Near a lake erected a memorial complex in honor of the partisan brigade. Voroshilov, Historical and Cultural complex «The Field of the glory," hydrological natural monument "Gomel Spring", and 2 km to the south-west is an archeological monument - a burial mound of 12-13 centuries.


The Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region., 211412, Polotsk, st. Construction 7

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