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Lioznenschina - the land of great beauty. Nature has endowed her with extraordinary forests, abundant meadows and many lakes. On the territory of the region there are more than 20 species of rare plants, nests of 15 species of birds listed in the Red Book.

In a perfect cozy corner Liozno area on the shore of the reservoir, located on the river Chernitsa suburban base Vitebsk electrical networks "Dobromysli".


Brick guest house designed for rest 7 people (two double rooms and one triple). Each room has a recreation room with beds, a wardrobe, a TV and a radio room, meals, fully equipped (electric stove, refrigerator, a small assortment of dishes), bathroom, hot and cold water, central heating and sewerage.


Near the base is a forest, where in summer you can pick berries and mushrooms, and in winter enjoy the beauty of snow-covered trees. Avid fishermen can enjoy fishing. The reservoir and the river Chernitsa are found carp, bream, pike and other fish species. The recreation center is located 12 km from the GP Liozno and 62 km from the city of Vitebsk. Distance from the densely populated cities makes it possible to have a rest in the bosom of nature, escape from the bustle of the city, a charge of vivacity and energy.


The Republic of Belarus, 210029, Vitebsk, st. Truth, 30 and

Phone: (8 0212) 65-40-88