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RUE " Vitebskenergo " has extensive capabilities for the organization of cultural leisure. It provides services for the improvement of its employees and anyone.

Lovers of outdoor activities close to nature, we offer to touch the pristine beauty of the Belarusian forests and lakes - holiday villages "Dobromysli" ,  "Gomel" and   "Posdvile"  , located in the most picturesque places of Vitebsk region are always ready to meet you fishing, berries and mushrooms. Lovers of light steam - Russian bath on the wood.

Rest and recuperate invites recreation complex  "Pinery"  , offers a full range of wellness facilities and cultural events. Sauna, tennis court, sport equipment rental nice complement your holiday.

Dining room of our company is always ready to meet with bread and salt. Would you like a custom night? No problems. Us the strength to carry out any activities that are identical. Pastries and confectionery will satisfy the most pretentious tastes.

Energy can work. Energy know how to relax. Relax with us, rest us.