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Peat Processing Department "Osintorf"  
(Peat Processing Department "Osintorf", Belorusskaya SDPP", Vitebsk region, Dubrovno district, Osintorf)

Peat enterprise "Osintorf" was founded in 1918. Initially, the main product of the enterprise was sod peat extracted manually. In 1935 hydraulic extraction method was mastered, the production process was partially mechanized , however, manual operations were not less important. In the 50's only about 10 thousand seasonal workers were employed and peat extraction was about half a million tons per year.

In 1958 the enterprise switched to excavating and milling peat production methods, since 1966 peat production has been carried out using milled method, sod peat production was suspended. Due to the high degree of mechanization, the number of staff working at the company decreased to 526 people in 1976. In 2007, the enterprise was affiliated to Belorusskaya SDPP as a peat processing department.

Currently, the Peat Department employs 38 people, 376 hectares of peatlands "Osinovkoye" and "Scherbinsky Mokh" are in operation.

Peat for fuel needs

The main aim of peat use on peatland "Osinovskoye" is fuel.

The main consumers of milled fuel peat :
- local fuel power source "Belorusskaya GRES" affiliated to "Belorusskaya SDPP", a branch of RUE "Vitebskenergo", in Orekhovsk, Orsha district;
- local fuel mini-CHPP "Baran" in Baran, Orsha district, affiliated to "Belorusskaya SDPP" ;
- boiler houses of the unitary eneterprise "Dubrovno-Kommunalnik" in Dubrovno, Dubrovno district; 
- other consumers.

In the current year, the volume of production of fuel milling peat is 33 thousand tons. In the future - up to 38 thousand tons.

The list of products:
- milled fuel peat for pulverized combustion at mini-CHPPs and boiler houses; 
-sod fuel peat for combustion at mini-CHPPs, boiler houses and for residents (by prior requests of consumers in the amount of not less than 3000 tonnes per year); 
- sod peat for the chemical industry with ash content of up to 2% (by prior requests); 
- peat for composting.

The main technical characteristics of the peat land "Osinovskoye":

Ddegree of decomposition,%


Depth of deposits, m




Ash content,%

2.4 (average)

Classification of deposits:





swamp forest

Type of deposit

sedge sphagnum magelanicum.

Characteristics of peat products produced at the peat land "Osinovskoye" 

Milled fuel peat conforms to the quality STB 2062-2010:

Intended use


Degree of peat decomposition 


Moisture content


(STB allows not more than 52%)

Ash content


(STB allows not more than 22%)

Terms of delivery

EXW, FCA, DAP-border.


in bulk


road, railway

Price for 1 ton of conditional humidity:


for the domestic market

by pricelist

for foreign markets (export)

is sent by request


Peat for composting conforms to the quality STB 832-2001:

Intended use


Degree of peat decomposition 



68% maximum

Moisture content

not more than 60%

Ash content

not more than 25%


no more than 10%

Terms of delivery:



in bulk



Price for 1 ton of conditional humidity:


for the domestic market

by pricelist

Extraction of bog peat

In 2020, RUE "Vitebskenergo" started the extraction of high-moor peat by the carved method at the "Shcherbinsky Mokh" peat deposit located in the Dubrovensky district of the Vitebsk region.

Location of the facility:

- from Dubrovno - 20 km;
- from the settlement Gichi - 0.9 km;
- from the highway M1 / ​​E30 Brest-Moscow - 0.5 km

The main product is cut bog peat (white block peat). 

Block peat is used as a structure-improving component to produce high quality growing media and seed raising mixes containing peat.

Peat carved in the form of blocks is the best raw material to obtain an ideal structure for the production of growing media. None of any other types of peat, but peat blocks milled to the desired fractions, has air saturation and water absorption.

Block peat can also be used in gardening and landscaping. Due to the shape of a rectangle (a brick), block peat can be easily combined. Block peat can strengthen edges of a pond and delimit cultivation areas.

Intended use

production of peat-based soil

Moisture content

no more than 40%

Acidity (pH)


Degree of decomposition


Natural moisture





in bulk



Price per 1 cubic meter

contract price

All manufactured products comply with the quality standards adopted in the Republic of Belarus. 

Contact Information

Branch "Belorusskaya SDPP" 
211026, Vitebsk region, Orsha district, settlement Orekhovsk. 
fax: +375 216 230537
e-mail: bst@vitebsk.energo.by

Deputy Director of Belorusskaya SDPP - Vladimir V. Patsevich
tel .: +375 216 230901 , 
e-mail: zamdir@bst.vitebsk.energo.by

Head of Peat Department "Osintorf" (PD "Osintorf") - Andrei L. Gavrilenko
tel.  +375 2137 47018 , 47020

e-mail: torf-buh@bst.vitebsk.energo.by