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Peat Department "Usvizh-Buk" (Peat production and transportation Department "Usvizh-Buk" of "Belorusskaya SDPP", Vitebsk region, Tolochin district, settlement Usvizh-Buk )

History of the development of Usvizh-Buk has begun since 1963 with the production of peat briquettes and peat extraction for composting for agriculture. In the 90s gasification of the republican regions was carried out, that led to a decrease in fuel briquet consumption.

Fuel peat market diversification has started since 2008. This fact has been accompanied by increase in boiler houses and CHPPs within the housing and utility sectors and the Ministry of Energy, where  milled fuel peat has become the main fuel.

Providing depreciation of the boiler and process equipment, structural units of peat briquette manufacture "Usvizh-Buk", in 2011 RUE "Vitebskenergo" conducted a re-profiling of "Usvizh-Buk" from peat briquette manufacture to the Peat production and transportation Department.

At this moment, the staff of Peat Department "Usvizh-Buk" numbers 62 people, 336 hectares area of the peat land "Usvizh-Buk" is in operation. 




The main technical characteristics of the peat land "Usvizh-Buk":

Degree of decomposition,%




Ash content,%

7-19, average - 12.7

Type of deposits

lowland (black)

Peat for fuel needs

The main aim of peat use on peatland "Usvizh-Buk" is fuel.

The main consumers of milled fuel peat :
- local fuel mini-CHPP "Baran" in Baran, Orsha district, affiliated to "Belorusskaya SDPP" ;
- boiler houses of the unitary eneterprise "Kokhanovo-ZKH" in Kokhanovo and Tolochin, Tolochin district; 
- other consumers.

This year milled fuel peat is planned to be extracted in the amount of 30 thousand tons, in the future - 36 thousand tons.

The list of products:

- milled fuel peat for pulverized combustion at mini-CHPPs and boiler houses;

- peat for composting.

Milled fuel peat conforms to the quality STB 2062-2010:

Intended use


Degree of peat decomposition


Moisture content


(STB allows not more than 52%)

Ash content


(STB allows not more than 23%)

Terms of delivery

EXW, FCA, DAP-border.


in bulk


road, railway

Price for 1 ton of conditional humidity:


for the domestic market

by pricelist


Peat for composting conforms to the quality STB 832-2001:

Intended use


Degree of peat decomposition 



68% maximum

Moisture content

not more than 60%

Ash content

not more than 25%


not more than 10%

Terms of delivery:



in bulk



Price for 1 ton of conditional humidity:


for the domestic market

by pricelist


Peat Department "Usvizh-Buk" sells peat for composting for agriculture. 
All products correspond to the quality standards of the Republic of Belarus. 

Contact Information

Branch "Belorusskaya SDPP" 
211026, Vitebsk region, Orsha district, settlement Orekhovsk. 
fax: +375 216 230537
e-mail: bst@vitebsk.energo.by

Deputy Director of Belorusskaya SDPP - Vladimir V. Patsevich
tel .: +375 216 230901
e-mail: zamdir@bst.vitebsk.energo.by

Head of Peat Department "Usvizh-Buk" - Alexander V. Bulygin
Vitebsk region, Tolochin district, settlement Usvizh-Buk

tel.:  +375 2136 50176
fax:  +375 2136 50175